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Date: Monday, 22 April 2024, 2:40 AM


Track your parcel today!

1. Parcel Tracking

Distance education gives you the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime. You are not bound by classes. This allows you to complete the programme in your own time, within the given study duration. This is very convenient if you are working full time or have other responsibilities. By being flexible and open to the needs of individual students, we can provide and deliver education to you.

Your studies will start once you've enrolled successfully. After we have received your first payment you will be able to log in on the Virtual Campus and download your first study material. 

Your first parcel will be prepared and dispatched within 14 days. You will then receive a sms notification with a tracking number / parcel number which you can use to track the whereabouts of your study material.

Please go through this guide to track your parcel.

Kind regards, 

BMT College

010 010 0936

2. Abbreviations

  • Courier: a company that transports packages and documents.
  • Tracking number: a number given to packages when they are posted to students. 
  • Parcel / waybill number: similar to a tracking number with more details.

  • Transit: the parcel is still on road. 

  • PP & PN tracking numbers are for South African orders delivered by Postnet.

  • RD / PE: abbreviation used to indicate that the parcel is a registered parcel.
  • PA: abbreviation used to indicate that items are insured against damage or loss.
  • TC / TA: Speed service (send it today get it tomorrow)
  • CN: abbreviation used to indicate that parcels are for Namibia
  • ZA: abbreviation used to indicate that parcels are for South Africa.

3. BMT College Deliveries

BMT College delivers in the following Johannesburg areas:

  • Midrand
  • Kempton Park 
  • Edenvale
  • Sandton
  • Fourways
  • Braynston
  • Clearwater
  • Randburg

4. South African Post Office

The post office is the traditional way to post parcels in South Africa and neighbouring countries. 

BMT College still uses the post office from time to time to post parcels.

Customer Services Centre  0860 111 502.



Click on the picture below and track your parcel now:

5. Postnet - Track Parcels

Please enter your PN or PP tracking number into the text box and click submit to track your shipment. Do not include any spaces.

PostNet Call Centre on 0860 767 8638

BMT College Customer Services: 010 010 0936