Tutoring / Scribe / Reader / Facilitator / Invigilator Program

Tutoring / Scribe / Reader / Facilitator / Invigilator Program

by Zoe Auths -
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Dear Students, 

A Class Tutors is an accredited educational institution offering quality services pertaining to the tuition and concession assistance of learners across South Africa. 

They are offering an opportunity to students that are completing their diplomas or degrees, that may be interested in joining their tutoring/scribe/reader/facilitator/invigilator program.

Please find attached the advertisements for requirements. Interested students may contact A Class Tutors directly on hr@aclasstutors.co.za or visit https://www.aclasstutors.co.za/contact-us/join-our-team/ for more information regarding A Class Tutors and the opportunities they present.