Recruit A Graduate

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Dear students, 

Please see the below advert from Recruit a Graduate.

Contact or visit the website for more information.

Tutoring / Scribe / Reader / Facilitator / Invigilator Program

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Dear Students, 

A Class Tutors is an accredited educational institution offering quality services pertaining to the tuition and concession assistance of learners across South Africa. 

They are offering an opportunity to students that are completing their diplomas or degrees, that may be interested in joining their tutoring/scribe/reader/facilitator/invigilator program.

Please find attached the advertisements for requirements. Interested students may contact A Class Tutors directly on or visit for more information regarding A Class Tutors and the opportunities they present.

SABPP Vacancy: Graduate Interns January 2024

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Graduate Interns Vacancy: SABPP

Contact SABPP for queries at

Minimum requirement: Completed NQF 6 qualification in a relevant field.

Closing date: 30 January 2024

SABPP Vacancy

HR Intern Vacancy Hyde Park (Johannesburg)

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Job Ref #: etv015
Industry: Human Resources
Job Type: Contract
Positions Available: 1

Direct Hire is looking for an ambitious, eager to learn, ready to hit the ground running HR Graduate to join their dynamic team pioneering the Human Resources Functions in the Group.

To view this vacancy and to apply go to:

Job Description

The successful Incumbent's primary responsibilities will range from:

  • Updating and maintaining all HR Recruitment, Employee and Administrative records.
  • Assisting with general employee queries and requests.
  • Liaising and coordinating with relevant stakeholders.
  • Managing HR Team calendar.
  • Delivering basic reporting and supporting for the various functions within the HR team.
  • Participating, coordinating and/or supporting HR projects, portfolios and events.
  • Performing any new and developing duties and/or functions that arise within the HR team.

Growth and/or exposure 

The Incumbent will be exposed to the following development areas throughout the duration:

  • HR Administration
  • Learning and Development
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Change Management
  • Industrial/Employee Relations
  • Employee Wellness
Job Requirements


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management or 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development or
  • Bachelor’s Degree in specialising in Industrial Relations or
  • Bachelor of Arts specialising in Human Resource Management 

Computer Literacy

MS Word

MS Excel

MS Powerpoint

 Behavioural and/or Technical Competencies

Basic knowledge of Labour Legislation

Effective verbal, written and listening communication skills

Organizational skills


Stress management skills

Strong analytical, innovative & problem-solving skills

Tactful and high level of confidentiality

Time management skills

Accountable and Responsible

A positive attitude and a growth mindset

Human Resources Graduate Internship Program


Human Resources Graduate Internship Program
NetFlorist, one of South Africa’s leading online flower and gifting delivery companies, is looking for ambitious individuals to join our HR Graduate Internship Program.
This program will take place over a 12-month period and is designed to kick-start your career in E-commerce.
NetFlorist is based in Waterfall, Midrand and is a company that is continuously growing and therefore offers applicants unlimited opportunities.
This position is for Human Resources graduates only
If you’re up to this exciting challenge send your application to cindy
Entries will close Wednesday 27 October 2021
1. Human Resources Degree (NQF7) or Diploma (NQF6)
2. Previous HR experience an advantage
3. No previous internship programs attended
Internship benefits:
1. Practical HR experience
2. Shadowing, mentoring and training opportunities
3. Opportunity to participate in company events and meetings
Internship monthly salary negotiable


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A vacancy exists for a CRA METALLURGIST (C UPPER) based at ASSMANG MANGANESE: CATO RIDGE WORKS, reporting to the MANAGER – REFINED FEMN. We need a highly motivated, passionate and self-driven individual with sound leadership qualities who is looking for a challenge and willing to make a difference.


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(1 Vacancy)

Preference will be given to applicants from previously disadvantaged groups to support the company’s Employment Equity plan.

ASSMANG Pty Ltd – Manganese Division requires the services of a Superintendent Enterprise and Supplier Development at their Black Rock Mine Operations situated 80km North-west of Kuruman in the Northern Cape.


Bursary for Women for 2020

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The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) is facilitating full time bursaries for the

academic year 2020. The bursary is targeting eligible South African female scholars from

disadvantaged social backgrounds currently doing or have completed grade 12. The bursary

recipients should be studying towards mining related  fields preferably in the following



Chemical Engineering (Mineral Processing)

Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)

Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Environmental Health and Management


Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering (Extractive)

Mining Engineering

Mining Survey

Kind regards



Sales and Marketing Interns: Laser Park, Roodepoort

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Dear Students, 

A fire services and installation company in Laser Park, Roodepoort, are seeking final year marketing/sales students to work part-time in their sales division. 

Refer to the attached job advert and the company website for more information to apply.


BMT College 

Vacancy: Receptionist / Office Administrator Internship

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Receptionist / Office Administrator Internship

Closing date for applications: 21 June 2019

Position : Receptionist / Office Administrator Internship

Department : Office Support

Location : Ocean on 76: Fourways (Design Quarter)

Reporting to : Executive Coordinator

Purpose of the Internship

To provide 12 months workplace experience to the incumbent in order to enhance the administrative theoretical knowledge gained and based on performance the incumbent may be absorbed permanently into the business.

For more information please see the attached document.

Vacancy: Supply Chain Assistant Internship

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Supply Chain Assistant Internship

Location: Brits, North West

Company: Lapeng Custom Builders (

Requirements: NQF 4 qualification in Business Management/ Generic Management or Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Contact person: Michael


Email your CV to to apply for the vacancy or to request more information regarding the vacancy.

10 tips to make your CV stand out from the rest

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Your CV is a mirror image of who you are and what type of employee you want to become, therefore it must make such a great impression for it to land on top of the pile on the employer’s desk. Recruiters receive dozens of CV’s, so here are 10 tips you can apply to ensure that yours will be considered.  

1. Be clear and structured

Recruiters do not read a CV in full detail. They first start by scanning through the titles. Make sure that your CV has a clear title and follows each other diagonally. Only those CV’s that catch the recruiter’s eye with the first reading, will be examined more closely. Use an attractive, professional and structured layout.

2. Avoid embellishments

Your CV is a professional document. Do not use colourful frames and curly fonts. Keep it simple, clean and to the point.

3. Be concise

Your CV isn’t a storybook, so do not write every activity of life experience in detail. Use bullet points to list your achievements, professional experience and education. Remember to add the dates of completion of every task in a diagonal manner. Your CV must not exceed 2 to 3 A4 pages. 

4. Make sure you can be easily contacted

When a recruiter wants to contact you, make sure that your contact details are easy to find. Put it on top of the page (in the header) or on the front page. 

5. Remove all unnecessary information

Avoid putting ‘curriculum vitae’ at the top of the document. It is also not necessary to put ‘name’ in front of your name, or ‘address’ in front of your address. If your CV is well structured it will not be necessary to add these extra words. 

6. Put the emphasis on your experience

Recruiters are mostly interested in your experience in the relevant field. It is a good idea to mention your experiences first before you elaborate on your achievements and education. Make sure that you emphasise the skills and experience as required in the job description by mentioning it at the top of your list. No professional experience yet? Then emphasise any placements and student jobs. If you really don’t have any relevant experience, begin with your education.

7. Only mention relevant training

It is, of course, important to mention your basic education and your specialisations relevant to the job, but make it brief. For example, if you have a degree, the recruiter won’t be interested in your primary and secondary school studies. If you have done any training that will be relevant to the potential job, then mention is briefly. 

8. Work in chronological order

Whether you are writing about your experience or your education, the most recent information is the most important. Always put it first.

9. Be precise

Mention your language and computer skills. It is essential to also mention your level of knowledge. For example: excellent, good, average, basic. When you mention your languages, make a distinction between your reading, spoken and written abilities.

10. Personalise your CV

Your CV isn’t a standard document. It is in your best interest to adapt it according to the job you are applying for. Some experience or education/training might be more relevant for one job than for another.

Your CV is the first impression of yourself – make it count!


PNET. 2019. 10 tips to make your CV stand out from the rest. [ONLINE] Available at:  [Accessed 18 February 2019].

Internship Opportunity

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Dear Students, 

If you competed your NQF 6 Business Management qualification you are welcome to email your CV, latest results and matric certificate to Frances Roets, a training specialist for a possible internship.

Please forward the documents to

Finished your HR qualification?

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Dear Students, 

Did you know you can register professionally with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP)?

SABPP is the professional body for HR practitioners in South Africa, as well as quality assurance body for HR learning provision. SABPP also accredits the HR academic programs of universities.

Why not read a bit more regarding this on SABPP`s website

Internship opportunity for HR students

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Dear Students, 

Footgear Wynberg has an internship opportunity for an HR student who requires workplace experience. 

Should be interested please email your CV to Linda at

For more information, you can also contact Linda on 010 600 1094.

Kind regards, 

Rina van Wyk

BMT College

9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management

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The 9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management - How Many Do You Have?

This article is written by Jay Schleifer and Steve Bruce from HR Daily Advisor. They say the following: 

When we interview a potential new hire, HR professionals assess the candidate against a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job. Let's turn the tables and see what that list of key attributes would look like for a human resources management professional.

In no way is our list authoritative, but it is the opinion of people, including BLR(r) Founder Bob Brady, who've spent decades meeting with HR professionals, supporting their goals, and reporting their achievements.

That said, here goes:

HR Management Key Skill #1: Organization

HR management requires an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills, and personal efficiency are key to HR effectiveness. You're dealing with people's lives and careers here, and when a manager requests help with a termination or a compensation recommendation or recognition program, it won't do to say, "I'll try to get to that if I have time.”

HR Management Key Skill #2--Multitasking

On a typical HR day, an HR professional will deal with an employee's personal issue one minute, an intermittent leave question the next, and a recruiting strategy for a hard-to-fill job the minute after. And that's to say nothing of social media, wage/hour, engagement, retention, and a whole host of other things, everyone critical to someone.

In HR, if it's not one thing, it's another. Priorities and business needs move fast and change fast, and manager A who needs someone hired doesn't much care if you're already helping manager B who needs someone fired. You need to be able to handle it all, all at once.

HR Management Key Skill #3--Dealing with Grey

A surprisingly large percentage of the issues HR managers face are in "the grey area.” Is it discrimination? Is it harassment? What's a "reasonable” accommodation? How far over backward do you have to lean to approve intermittent leave? HR managers have to be able to act with incomplete and "best available” information, and they have to know when to seek the professional help of colleagues, attorneys, and other experts.

HR Management Key Skill #4--Negotiation

Along with grey comes the need to negotiate--there are often two or more opposing views, and the successful HR pro can find an acceptable middle ground. Remember, the goal of negotiation is to end up with two parties that are satisfied with the outcome, and that's not often easy to achieve.

HR Management Key Skill #5--Communication

HR professionals have to communicate up to management, over to managers, out to potential employees, and down to all levels of current employees. And they have to do it in writing, while speaking to large and small groups and, increasingly, through social media. They have to be convincing, caring, and believable.

HR Management Key Skill #6--Discrete and Ethical

HR professionals are the conscience of the company, as well as the keepers of confidential information. As you serve the needs of top management, you also monitor their actions toward employees to be sure that policies and regulations are followed. You need to be able to push back when they aren't in order to keep the firm on the straight and narrow. Not an easy responsibility!

Of course, you always handle confidential information appropriately, and never divulge it to any unauthorized person.

HR Management Key Skill #7--Dual Focus

Employees expect human resources professionals to advocate for their concerns, yet you must also enforce top management's policies. The HR professional who can pull off this delicate balancing act wins trust from all concerned.

There are times you must make decisions to protect the individual and other times when you protect the organization, its culture, and values. These decisions may be misunderstood by some, and you may catch flak because of it, but you know that explaining your choices might compromise confidential information. That's something you would never do.

HR Management Key Skill #8--Conflict Management and Problem Solving

News flash! Everyone doesn't always get along with everyone else. High productivity demands that people work together at least civilly. HR has to find ways to allow that to happen. And that's to say nothing of the myriad other problems that hit HR's in-box--you can't be effective without problem-solving ability.

HR Management Key Skill #9--Change Management

Most companies today are in a constant state of flux. Task forces, matrices, and teams spring into being, do their jobs, and disband as others form. Hierarchies have been squashed, and companies have four or five generations working side by side. A lot of people are freaked out by what's going on. HR has to help everyone cope with the constant changes.

Nine Skills, But Also One Caveat

"HR is a creature of, and serves the business strategy,” Brady says. "It's important for HR people to know what that strategy is and what makes the business tick so the approach to HR can be tailored accordingly.

"Never think of HR in isolation,” he advises. "Because if HR professionals think of themselves as 'just HR,' that's what the rest of the organization will think, too.”

Did We Get It Right?

How about our 9 skills? Do you have a different list? Please share your comments below. 

(This article was updated Thursday, August 22, 2013, 9:40 AM).


Schleifer, J. and Bruce, S. 2017. The 9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management - How Many Do You Have?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 July 2017].

Job Opportunity - Sales/Marketing

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Dear Students, 

If you are passionate about sales and marketing the following vacancy is for you! 

The company is looking for a sales/marketing assistant located in the Midrand, Johannesburg area.


Job description

  • The primary role for the successful candidate is to recruit new clients by networking, cold calling, advertising or other means of generating interest from potential clients. 
  • The successful candidate must then plan persuasive approaches and pitches that will convince potential clients to do business with the company.
  • The successful candidate must develop reports and set targets for sales and provide support that will continually improve relationships. 
  • The successful candidate is also required to grow and retain existing accounts by presenting new solutions and services to clients.
  • You will work closely with directors and senior management.

Job specifications

  • Prospect for potential new clients and turn this into increased business.
  • Cold call as appropriate within your market or geographic area to ensure a robust pipeline of opportunities. 
  • Meet potential clients by growing, maintaining, and leveraging your network.
  • Identify potential clients and the decision makers within the client organisation.
  • Research and build relationships with new clients.
  • Set up meetings between client decision makers and company's practice leaders/principals.
  • Plan approaches and pitches. 
  • Work with team to develop proposals that speak to the client's needs, concerns, and objectives
  • Participate in pricing the solution/service.
  • Handle objections by clarifying, emphasizing agreements and working through differences to a positive conclusion. 
  • Use a variety of styles to persuade or negotiate appropriately

Experience & Qualifications

  • Experience and qualifications are an added advantage.

Benefits & Compensation

  • There is a basic market-related salary per month, travel costs will be accommodated for and there is a huge earning potential in terms of commission (negotiable).

Please forward your short CV to

Kind regards,